Thursday, 17 February 2011

Different Gear Still Speeding - Beady Eyes first album

Four Letter Word - Went the Oasis with and up tempo opener. Really like the opening to this song. Possible the most Oasis like song but with a bit more edge. Liam's vocals hold up really well and mid way through there is a good musical solo. 7/10

Millionaire - You can here the effects of Gem, Andy & Chris here - assumption of a slow paced song with the Lord Dont Slow me down esq start but song picks up and is quite catchy although not the best on here. 6/10

The Roller - I love this song, stripped back sound with Liam's superb vocals to the fore of the song and making a song like only Liam Gallagher can. Its just a pity that this voice is computer generated, Id love him to be on the form of this song live. Superb tune. 9/10

Beatles and Stones - Tribute to the bands hero's - This song seems to be more of a statement of intent than a song and the song gets lost a slight bit in the message they are trying to portray. Good face paced tune and the running keyboards in the background are a good touch, gets a bit repetitive mind in the middle before finishing with a flurry. 7/10

Wind up Dream - Disappointing sone that follows the repetitive nature of Beatles and Stones without the nice finish. Very annoying sequence of aaaa aaaa aaaa in the middle makes me turn this one off. There are are good points but whilst being repetitive in vocal it then descend on useless instrumental solos. 4/10

Bring the Light - I really like this song - Catchy quick and upbeat. Liam is on form here again. Again the lyrics are giving a message to us all and this is the in your face sort of music Beady Eye will build on. 7/10

For Anyone - Short sweet and superb. Really like this, mellowed out and very Beatle-esq. Liam again sounds on top of the world and there is a great wee musical solo mid way through - They dont drag it out and it ends in perfect time. 9/10

Kill for a dream - Keeps up the mellow mid album feel with another wee corker. Really like the "say to the driver just drive cos I never felt so alive" line - Dont know why it just suits. Superb offering that shows they wont hide behind they ands obvious heavy nature. A few na na na nas thrown in late on detracts from an otherwise superb tune. 8/10

Standing on the edge of Noise - With the above poster on the vocals - The sound effect on the voice are terrible. Not a fan at all, its an album filler. No real direction or sound bar that terrible singing sound that comes from it. 2/10

Wigwam - This starts our 21 minute 4 song finish. Back to the lighter side of Beady Eye and this is just the song to pick the album up after the last useless piece. The song finishes mid way through before slowly starting back up again (when you hear it you'll know what I mean) and I feel that this would have been a better album finisher. 7/10

Three Ring Circus - Album get's its tempo back up with a more upbeat offering. Real rocky and edgy song. Like a few offerings it follows the route of song - musical solo - song ends but there is a cracking guitar solo in the middle of this. 7/10

The Beat Goes On - It's John Lennon, no wait it's the Beatles - Liam obviously draws on his hero for this song but it works and works superbly. This will be the Beady Eye live sing-along song and I can envisage a hands outspread male bonding session with this one. Cracker. 9/10

The Morning Son - Acoustic tune with Liam on form (if we get rid of the speaker echo this is far better) and one I look forward to hearing live with just Liam singing minus the silly tricks - This one goes on a wee journey with no real direction as it fades from Liam singing to just noise. Then the song just picks up and takes on a new role in the second half as a much edgier song. 2 for the price of 1 here. Good finisher. 8/10

I like it a lot - I really didnt think I would and I really didnt expect this album to do anything but it does and I like it. Beady Eye - this also sways me to go to Kings Hall now. Now to get a ticket.